World’s Most Environment Friendly Zace Bamboo Toothbrush - Pack

Rs. 238

The latest innovation in the field of personal hygiene is eco-friendly bamboo cotton earbuds. Made of 100 percent
biodegradable bamboo and cotton, these ear buds are very rugged. The swabs that come along with every box contain
designs from great artists thus differentiating them from the competition. These ear buds are also hypoallergenic owing
to the absence of any allergens or chemicals in it. Trust us for your own convenience.

Create your perfect world
Made of bamboo and cotton, these ear buds are highly durable and eco-friendly, owing to their biodegradation. They
come with a set of 6 different designs, which is guaranteed to amaze you every time. Along with this, they also have no
allergens, making them safe for everyone! Get yours today!

Trending gifting era
Double the fun: The classic cotton-bamboo ear buds come in beautiful hand crafted recycled card turned gift box,
perfect for any occasion. You can experience the chic duo’s elegant design and make a bold statement through their
fashionable packaging.

Key Features
• 100% Eco-friendly and biodegradable (including packaging)
• Hypoallergenic.
• Perfect for daily use for the whole family.
• Easily recycled on your household recycling waste.
• Household essential.
• Strong built quality
• Very very soft compressed cotton
• Chemical free
• Suitable for the age group of above 5yrs

How to use
1. Wet the earbuds: Before use, wet the bamboo earbuds in clean water.
2. Insert the earbuds: Gently insert the bamboo earbuds into your ear canal.
3. Adjust the fit: Use your fingers to adjust the fit of the bamboo earbuds in your ear canal.

Q and A
How many times can I use one earbud?
There is no set number of times that you can use one earbud. However, we recommend using them every day to ensure
optimal hygiene. Bamboo earbuds should last you around two weeks if used daily.

How often should I use bamboo Earbuds?
We recommend our customers to use bamboo earbuds at least once a week. However, if you are someone who is
constantly exposed to dust and dirt, then you may use them on a daily basis.

Buy the best product
These ear buds are not just durable and eco-friendly, but also come in a stylish range of 6 different colors, so that you
can choose what suits you best! Along with this, the ear buds have no allergens like latex or plastic.

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