Treat Your Feet Like A VIP With These Kickass Zace Bamboo towel - Pack

Rs. 1,500

We believe that the only thing missing from everyday life is a towel that not just dries you off, but makes you feel luxurious. One of our industrial designers saw an opportunity to make this simple accessory something more, an essential part of one’s day. The bamboo fiber in this towel subtly absorbs three times more water than cotton, making it faster and easier to dry with than your traditional fabric. Naturally, these towels are also perfect for homes and businesses with the concern that the new plumbing will overheat the water . . . oh and did we mention that they are more sustainable? To be eco-friendly, just wash them in warm or cold water and let them air dry. Loading your washing machine with one less load every day can also reduce CO2 emissions by about 30%. With all these practicalities given consideration, there should now be no hesitation in grabbing a eco-friendly bamboo towel for yourself!

Create your perfect world
the missing essential: bamboo does more than simply dry you off. It dries better to keep you cooler for a longer period. Take this luxurious towel and notice how it keeps you cool, not wet, and absorbent as never before.

Key features
• They Dry You Faster. …
• They are anti-bacterial (and you can use them for days!) …
• They are super, super soft. …
• They are allergy and sensitive-skin friendly. …
• They come in gorgeous colors to suit your bathroom. …
• They are eco-friendly bamboo towel.
– They come in gorgeous colors to suit your bathroom

How to use
1. open the towel
2. put your wet body part in the towel
3. close the towel and wipe your hands/body part

Another way to use:-
1. Moisten the towel with water.
2. Rub the towel on the body to remove dirt and sweat.
3. Rinse the towel in clean water and repeat if necessary.

Q and A
Can I use a Bamboo towel in summer?
Yes, you can use Bamboo towels in summer because bamboo fabric absorbs three times more than cotton and is also more sustainable.

I’ve never heard of bamboo fabric before, what are its benefits?
Bamboo fabric is an all-natural product that has several benefits over other fabrics. It is more absorbent than cotton, breathes better, and dries more quickly. Additionally, bamboo is a sustainable resource, so using bamboo products helps to reduce your environmental impact.

What is the best way to use a bamboo towel?
There are many ways to use a bamboo towel. You can use it in the kitchen, at the gym, or even on your baby’s skin. It is perfect for people with sensitive skin because it is so soft and gentle. The bamboo towel is also great for removing makeup, cleaning dishes, or dusting furniture.

How is this bamboo towel different from other towels?
This bamboo towel is made from the best bamboo fabric and feels softer on the face than silk. Bamboo fabric is more sustainable and three times more absorbent than cotton.

Buy The Best Products
Feel confident, feel good, and look good with a towel that makes you feel like royalty.
Improved durability, absorbs 3x more water than cotton, softer and better quality.
The bamboo towel is drying quicker and dries you off while feeling luxurious.

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