Make Your Life Stylish and Comfortable with zace bamboo ankle socks (Black)

Rs. 199

Compared to cotton, bamboo viscose socks have better absorptive power. Other than health benefits, the bamboo ankle socks is cool in summer and warm in winter which reflects the desired quality for people who are still focusing on their foot hygiene.

Create your perfect world
Sweet Dreams: Excellent absorption and moisture-wicking performance make bamboo socks the perfect choice for hot summer or winter. That makes sure the feet are in a healthy condition to help you enjoy sweet dreams

Key features
1. Bamboo socks are Chemical free
2. Bamboo ankle socks are eco-friendly
3. They are non-allergenic
4. Super soft and comfortable for men, women & children
5. They’re temperature regulating
6. Eliminates moisture and odor

How to use
1. Wearing the socks: Put the socks on your feet, making sure they are comfortable.
2. rolled down or up: Once the socks are on your feet, you can choose to roll them down or keep them up, depending on your personal preference.
3. enjoy: And that’s it! Now you can enjoy your new Zace bamboo socks and show them off to everyone.

Q and A
Do bamboo socks help with foot odor?
Our bamboo socks are excellent at absorption and moisture-wicking, which helps to keep the feet dry and in a healthy condition. This also helps to reduce foot odor.

How can bamboo socks help people enjoy sweet dreams?
Our bamboo socks are made with an excellent moisture-wicking performance which helps to keep feet healthy and dry. This in turn can help you enjoy sweet dreams as your feet will be comfortable and not sweaty.

Do bamboo socks shrink in the wash?
Bamboo socks are very strong and durable, but like any other socks, they will shrink if not washed properly. We recommend that you wash them in cold water and air dry them to avoid shrinking.

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The foot is cool in summer and warm in winter, which reflects the desired quality for people who are still focusing on their foot hygiene.
Natural odor and bacteria-resistant properties, good elasticity, and breathability make it the perfect choice.
Moisture-wicking bamboo socks can be worn in hot summer and cold winter as they are very good at regulating body temperature.

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