Best Neem Comb for Hair

Let’s talk about our healthy hair. To keep our hair healthy we do lots of stuff like combing, nourishing our hair, and much more. But did you know the plastic comb which you use to fix your tresses also has some effect on the well-being of your hair and skin?

Here is the solution for your healthy hair and it’s healthy for the environment too. Neem wood comb has hair and scalp-friendly solution and it doesn’t have side effects. Best Neem combs for hair made from natural neem wood contain neem’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. We will see more benefits of using neem wood comb.

Benefits of Neem wood comb over the plastic combs-


  • Nourish the Hair: Using a neem comb can help evenly distribute the natural oil of your scalp across the tresses. Combining your hair with a neem wooden comb will make hair healthier.
  • No Static: The plastic combs have a positive electric charge and rubbing your hair with them can cause static and frizzy hair.  Neem wood combs help prevent static and won’t hurt the scalp.
  • Prevents Dandruff: Neem has various medical properties. Neem has antibacterial,  anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Combing your hair with a wooden comb will help prevent fungal infection which in turn will reduce the growth of dandruff.
  • Environment Friendly: Plastic combs are made of fossil fuels and are hard to recycle. They are sharp and contain chemicals. Wooden combs are affordable and eco-friendly too. Choosing it will make us move towards sustainable living.
  • Removes Dirt and Foreign Particles: Dirt particles stick to our scalp which will cause dandruff.  Frequent accumulation of dirt can increase oil discharge and residues can lead to damaged hair. Using a wooden comb helps to remove stubborn particles and open pores that allow the scalp to breathe. It removes the accumulation of oil that can make your hair look unhealthy.